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Call for Blog Articles

The Society for the Study of Medieval Emotions (SSME) is excited to announce a new initiative to identify and publicize medieval primary sources useful for the history of emotions. We are looking for blog articles that:

  1. Present a medieval primary source, broadly understood (i. e. written source, art piece, material culture artifact), that is valuable for the history of emotions. This blog article should consist of either an image including its caption or a text, including the original version and a translation into (Modern) English.

  2. A brief comment on or analysis of the primary source of ca. 750 words focusing on its emotional features, its meaning and research potential.

  3. A short list of questions based on the source that should serve as suggestions for those colleagues who would like to use said source in their teaching.

The goal of these blog articles is twofold: to further the research of the history of emotions by demonstrating the variety and depth of sources available and, also, to provide pedagogical tools for the exploration of the history of emotions in the classroom. Therefore, please write with an advanced undergraduate audience in mind.

Blog articles will be published on the SSME website in Open Access to maximize dissemination, and we will ensure that all images incorporate captions and descriptions to enhance usability and accessibility, both for users and for a diverse student body. Authors will be given the choice of having their email next to their names, should they want to allow for readers to contact them directly. Images and translations should be adequately credited.

If you are interested in writing one of these blog articles, please send your proposal to: There is not a specific deadline as we would like this to be a long-lasting initiative with the publication of several entries a year. It is possible to submit several proposals at different times.

The only requisite for the acceptance of blog articles is that authors are members of SSME. If you are not yet, please become one by simply completing our online membership form. Membership is totally free and it only implies that you will be added to our mailing list to keep you informed of our activities.

If you have any questions about the blog articles, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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